The Messenger is coming!

Blessings and love divine to you all,

It is with great joy and obligation that I come to you with the news of an all new album from me. It has been two years and few hundred poems since my last solo project and I am excited!

                                       Chapter One is the beginning of a series of releases under the title of The Messenger that will focus on Tshombe’s new prospective on purpose driven poetry and the “spoken word/performance poetry” art form. This new outlook and transformation began with a deeper look at the arts of “spoken word” poetry, its history, and the rapidly emerging generation of pseudo-poets in today’s highly expressive atmosphere. After three long years of interviewing prominent poets/artists on Freedom Verse Café, studying the works of poets from Amiri Baraka to the young Autum Ashante; His strong messages and tonality will indeed rock your thought process, and you will feel the strength of his faith and convictions in delivery. So be prepared for the release of The Messenger: Chapter One coming this February 23rd.



For more information on the Messenger:



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